Stabilo SMARTball 2.0 Ballpoint Pen & Stylus

Stabilo SMARTball 2.0 Ballpoint Pen & Stylus
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This is the second generation of the very popular SMARTball ballpoint pen and stylus.  The Stabilo SMARTball 2.0 combines an ergonomic ballpoint pen and a stylus which can be used on smart phones, iPads & iPhones etc. The SMARTball's stylus is suitable for capacitive touch screens and helps to keep them clean and free from finger marks. As for the pen itself, the Stabilo SMARTball 2.0 is a retractable pen with an ergonomic grip area for relaxed and comfortable writing. The pocket clip can be rotated through 360 degrees allowing you to find the perfect writing position. It has smooth writing and quick drying blue ink with a medium tip that writes a 0.5mm line.  It can be refilled with standard Stabilo ballpoint pen refills.

This is the improved 2.0 version of the product.

* The ultimate ballpoint pen, which connects the analogue and digital worlds.
* Relaxed writing comfort thanks to the ergonomic soft grip zone.
* Touch screen pen for operating smartphones and tablet computers. Avoids unsightly fingerprint marks.
* Special version for left- handers.
* Document-proof blue and black ink.
* Line width 0.5 mm.
* Refillable for longer periods of writing with STABILO Ballpoint Refill.
* Clip can be rotated 360°.
STABILO combines smartphone operation with ergonomic writing comfort!

Takes the Com4Ball / EasyBall refills

Στυλό STABILO για αριστερόχειρες, μπλε χρώματος, με την γνωστή εργονομική λαβή και τώρα διπλής λειτουργίας με το ειδικό μαξιλαράκι touch screen για χρήση σε tablets και smartphone κινητά.  Εξαιρετικά άνετης και ευχάριστης γραφής αποφεύγοντας παράλληλα και την πιθανή χάραξη στις ευαίσθητες οθόνες. Διαθέσιμα ανταλλακτικά γραφής (μελάνια) θα βρείτε στο «Lefty’s Corner»