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Storage Container ORION Small Koziol -15 %
Without the coffee kick on the morning your day is just not complete? The Orion capsule dispenser of..
32.90€ 27.95€
MEETING POINT Utensil Stand Koziol -15 %
Each of the five useful kitchen utensils have little cut-out faces, and attach to the stand by hooki..
33.90€ 28.80€
EVE Fruit Bowl Koziol -15 %
With its gorgeous curves and unusual design the Eve bowl has the makings of a modern day classic. Th..
32.90€ 27.95€
Leaf-On bowl (set of 4) Koziol -15 %
Steal the impressions in a gathering or a party with the amazing fun kit by Koziol. This f..
10.50€ 8.95€
LEAF L+ Salad Bowl w/Servers Koziol -15 %
Contemporary designed large salad bowl (LARGE +) with cutlery, created by the famous London designer..
35.90€ 30.50€
DOME Food Cover Small Koziol -15 % SOLD OUT
Add some glamour to your dinner table! Serve up cakes, cheese or biscuits in style with Dome! T..
11.20€ 9.50€
AMADEUS cake stand Koziol SOLD OUT
The AMADEUS platter is a well-tempered masterpiece. Suitable for cakes with a diameter of up to 28 c..
Organizer SURF XL Koziol -15 %
Turning the tide when it comes to functionality, the SURF XL bath catch all really will hold it all!..
16.70€ 14.19€
AMADEUS Cake Server Koziol -15 %
Enjoy the perfect slice everytime with Amadeus! The curved handle of this contemporary cake server p..
6.95€ 5.90€
BOA Bottle Rack Koziol -15 %
Display your favourite bottles of plonk in style with the Koziol Boa Bottle Rack! This funky designe..
34.90€ 29.65€
BOXXX M Storage Bin 3,5l Koziol -15 %
The BOXXX M storage container offers an elegant and incredibly practical organizational solution.&nb..
14.70€ 12.49€
BA BA BIN Waste paper Bin Koziol -15 %
You are what you throw away! BA BA BIN turns every act of pitching paper into a win-win skirmish in ..
28.40€ 24.00€
Tube Squeezer MIAOU Koziol -15 %
MIAOU will help you avoid waste and get the most out of your tubes. Just use as a 'key' to h..
6.70€ 5.69€
SHADOW Salad bowl w/ servers Koziol -15 %
A breath of fresh air for any table: the SHADOW bowl and its companion servers add exotic shapes to ..
35.90€ 30.50€
SHADOW Bowl for Desserts Koziol -15 %
The perfect portion every time: that's the mealtime motto when Nature-inspired Shadow is on the ..
8.50€ 7.20€