The Music Room

The Music Room
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This lovely pouch could be used as a pencil case or pouch to protect your belongings while traveling..
Keyring Saxophone -20 %
A metal Saxophone keyring decorated with 5 crystals.  This is a lovely gift for any saxophonist..
8.90€ 7.15€
Keyring Violin -20 %
A metal Violin keyring, decorated with 2 crystals.  This is a lovely gift for any violinist, mu..
8.90€ 7.15€
I LOVE MUSIC White Design: 2 Espresso Cups with Saucers, featuring a music theme design and treble c..
The Water Music Mug in a Tin makes the perfect gift!In fine porcelaine and printing in a cobalt ..
Two white porcelain cups which have been decorated with manuscript with examples of different measur..
The best way to brew a single cup of your favorite loose leaf tea. I LOVE MUSIC Glass Tea Mug w..
Keyring Drum Kit -20 %
A metal Drum Kit keyring, decorated with 4 crystals.  This is a lovely gift for any drummer, mu..
8.90€ 7.15€
Musical Instruments Colouring Book By: Ellen J. McHenryHere's a great way to learn about orc..
Enjoy writing even more with this bent pencil. G-Clef shaped. Available in two colors, blue & pi..
Ruler Keyboard Design 30cm clearΧάρακας 30 ε&kappa..
With a bold design featuring Piano keys, this A6 Hardback Notebook would make an ideal practica..
Accordion magnetic, 5,08cm -The detail is amazing. ..
Candle Sheet music round ø 7,5cm h=8cm..
Canvas Tote Bag Treble Clef/Sheet Music Design SOLD OUT
Canvas Tote Bag Treble Clef/Sheet Music DesignA black and cream canvas tote bag decorated with a..