It's the small things

It's the small things
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Leaf-On bowl (set of 4) Koziol -15 %
Steal the impressions in a gathering or a party with the amazing fun kit by Koziol. This f..
10.50€ 8.95€
Tube Squeezer MIAOU Koziol -15 %
MIAOU will help you avoid waste and get the most out of your tubes. Just use as a 'key' to h..
6.70€ 5.69€
Mini cup Carryall LILLI Koziol -15 %
This ingenious little accessory by Koziol has so many uses. Great bags for your cookies and teabags!..
7.45€ 6.35€
Protects sweet things from insects and prevents hot things from cooling too quickly. My lid, my glas..
RIO Spoon (set of 2) Koziol -15 %
Take one small spoon of RIO... The elegantly designed RIO with its rounded edges is the perfect comp..
3.10€ 2.65€
BIRD Bottle Stopper Koziol -15 %
A magnificent gadget designed by Koziol, perfect to sit and seal a bottle making sure that the taste..
10.95€ 9.30€
New, smart and entertaining bottle opener. It can safely unscrew the wine bottle corks. A humorous s..
LITTLE JOE Napkin Ring Koziol (set of 6) -15 %
Add a fleck of originality and color to your dinner table. Koziol’s Little Joe is a true bonan..
39.90€ 33.90€
A useful and humorous gadget for any wine lover. Bottle stoper fits wine bottles perfectly and keeps..
Sparrow keyring that sits inside a wall mounted house. Sparrow keyring is also a whistle. The favor ..
These exquisite fruit forks with the smiley faces are made of durable stainless steel, are wear-resi..
A-PRIL Egg Cup Koziol -15 %
Create a colorful and joyful atmosphere at home with the unconventional egg cups by Koziol. Everybod..
4.99€ 4.25€
Brew your loose leaf tea in style with the always-relaxed Mr. Tea Infuser. Load up his silicone pant..
TOMMY Toothbrush Holder (set of 3) Koziol -15 %
Add a pinch of happiness and make your children enjoy every minute while brushing their teeth with t..
16.40€ 13.95€
JESSI Mini Cup Carryall Set of 2 -15 %
The ultimate “it” bag for every cup, the perfect gadget for every glass! JESSI is much m..
6.20€ 5.30€