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Organizing & Cleaning
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House Of Paws Country Kitchen Dog Treat Jar CreamCountry kitchen dog treat jar. Cream, thick mel..
Storage Container ORION Small Koziol -15 %
Without the coffee kick on the morning your day is just not complete? The Orion capsule dispenser of..
32.90€ 27.95€
Organizer SURF XL Koziol -15 %
Turning the tide when it comes to functionality, the SURF XL bath catch all really will hold it all!..
16.70€ 14.19€
PPD on the wallThe trendy napkin holder (white wood), which can be used as a decorative wall pic..
BOXXX M Storage Bin 3,5l Koziol -15 %
The BOXXX M storage container offers an elegant and incredibly practical organizational solution.&nb..
14.70€ 12.49€
PPD on the wallThe trendy napkin holder (wood), which can be used as a decorative wall picture f..
Cheese Keeper Stainless Steel with transparent lid. Cheese Keeper is perfect to keep your favorite c..
Retraction bin with sucker in the shape of cone that allows water to drain. The perfect cooking assi..
MANNA Bread Bin Koziol -15 %
Meet the amazing Manna Bread Bin by Koziol. The perfect kitchen accessory. Contemporary designe..
33.90€ 28.80€
DRY IT Dish Drainer Koziol -15 %
Perfect for kitchens short on space. Dry it dish drainer has a white back to rest plates on, that fo..
29.90€ 25.40€
SURF Hanging Bath Catchall Medium Koziol -15 %
The amazing SURF Hanging Bath catchhall by Koziol has arrived. All the necessary bathroom accessorie..
12.60€ 10.70€
BOTTICHELLI storage tub EXTRA SMALL Koziol -15 %
Emotional design with sophisticated functionality Βottichelli storage tub. The edge is designed..
6.95€ 5.90€
A-PRIL Wall Hook Koziol -15 %
The power of flowers ... at your home! These cheerful hangers by Koziol add a beautiful note to your..
7.50€ 6.35€
Who said doing the dishes can’t be fun? Dish Hero comes with sponges in two shapes, a..