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All kitchen items
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Retraction bin with sucker in the shape of cone that allows water to drain. The perfect cooking assi..
MATRIX Bread Cutting Board Koziol -15 %
The MATRIX bread board keeps crumbs under control! They fall through the removable decorative grid a..
37.90€ 32.20€
MANNA Bread Bin Koziol -15 %
Meet the amazing Manna Bread Bin by Koziol. The perfect kitchen accessory. Contemporary designe..
33.90€ 28.80€
LITTLE JOE Napkin Ring Koziol (set of 6) -15 %
Add a fleck of originality and color to your dinner table. Koziol’s Little Joe is a true bonan..
39.90€ 33.90€
A useful and humorous gadget for any wine lover. Bottle stoper fits wine bottles perfectly and keeps..
BOUNTY Snack Board Koziol -15 %
Ένας έξυπνος και δι&alph..
11.30€ 9.60€
KITZY Serving Tray Koziol -15 %
Meet Kitzy, the small but multifunctional serving tray/board ideal for slicing vegetables, frui..
8.90€ 7.55€
DRY IT Dish Drainer Koziol -15 %
Perfect for kitchens short on space. Dry it dish drainer has a white back to rest plates on, that fo..
29.90€ 25.40€
A-PRIL Egg Cup Koziol -15 %
Create a colorful and joyful atmosphere at home with the unconventional egg cups by Koziol. Everybod..
4.99€ 4.25€
A "magic" case for toothpicks. It has storage space for your toothpicks while and is a fun..
Brew your loose leaf tea in style with the always-relaxed Mr. Tea Infuser. Load up his silicone pant..
Picks with tree set of 8 Koziol -15 %
A beautiful set of 8 picks elegantly placed on a tree-shaped stand. This playful and contempora..
22.90€ 19.45€
LEAF XL Salad Bowl w/Servers Koziol -15 %
Contemporary designed large salad bowl with cutlery, created by the famous London designer Cairn You..
39.90€ 33.90€
AROMA Latte Cup 300ml Koziol -15 %
These Aroma Cups are so stylish and great to use. A sleek bowl shaped design that sits nicely in the..
17.60€ 14.95€
CRYSTAL L Salad Bowl  w/servers Koziol -15 %
Δώστε αίγλη και λάμψ&e..
24.95€ 21.20€