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1. No suction cups or adhesives or permanent mounts. 2. Custom drainage system allows for water..
Organizer SURF XL Koziol -15 %
Turning the tide when it comes to functionality, the SURF XL bath catch all really will hold it all!..
16.70€ 14.19€
BOXXX M Storage Bin 3,5l Koziol -15 %
The BOXXX M storage container offers an elegant and incredibly practical organizational solution.&nb..
14.70€ 12.49€
BA BA BIN Waste paper Bin Koziol -15 %
You are what you throw away! BA BA BIN turns every act of pitching paper into a win-win skirmish in ..
28.40€ 24.00€
Home PIANO floor mat, soft and comfortable, non slip, not fade. At the bottom of point plastic cloth..
Tube Squeezer MIAOU Koziol -15 %
MIAOU will help you avoid waste and get the most out of your tubes. Just use as a 'key' to h..
6.70€ 5.69€
Wall Hook SPOT Koziol -15 %
The round wall hooks provide a good hold for jackets and coats, in the bathroom for large towels and..
14.60€ 12.40€
MIAOU Toilet Paper Holder Koziol -15 %
Koziol Miaou Toilet Paper Holder made of high quality recyclable plastic. Fixes to surface with powe..
14.60€ 12.40€
MIAOU Soap Dish Koziol -15 %
MIAOU Soap Dish Koziol, 100% recyclable plastic. Colors: black, white..
10.30€ 8.75€
PING PONG Tissuebox Koziol -15 %
Meet the innovating PING PONG tissue case. Your kids and children will love it! The cute Penguin by ..
17.90€ 15.20€
SURF Hanging Bath Catchall Medium Koziol -15 %
The amazing SURF Hanging Bath catchhall by Koziol has arrived. All the necessary bathroom accessorie..
12.60€ 10.70€
TOMMY Toothbrush Holder (set of 3) Koziol -15 %
Add a pinch of happiness and make your children enjoy every minute while brushing their teeth with t..
16.40€ 13.95€
Soap Dish Loop Koziol -15 %
Loop wall mounted plastic soap dish is great for space saving in bathrooms, attach to dry smooth til..
11.50€ 9.75€
BOTTICHELLI storage tub EXTRA SMALL Koziol -15 %
Emotional design with sophisticated functionality Βottichelli storage tub. The edge is designed..
6.95€ 5.90€
A-PRIL Wall Hook Koziol -15 %
The power of flowers ... at your home! These cheerful hangers by Koziol add a beautiful note to your..
7.50€ 6.35€