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No more superposed saucepans and sauces boiling over! The double walled stainless steel boiler (16cm..
Use the Lid Sid by placing it between the lid and the pot/pan to keep it open letting off excess ste..
13.90€ 9.80€
GOURMET cruet 5 fluid ounce/148 ml capacityPrepara's cruet features a patent- pending drip f..
Turn and it's grated! Ideal for grating cheese or chocolate with a turn of the hand. Three easil..
Cheese Keeper Stainless Steel with transparent lid. Cheese Keeper is perfect to keep your favorite c..
BBQ 2 piece set (fork & knife slotted)Stainless steel BBQ tools with wooden handle 45cm..
Küchenprofi's barbecue skewers in 4 different colours for the firm holding-together of meat..
Serve the most delicious dishes with style!Impress your guests by decorating the festive table w..
Crush your spices in the porcelain mortar with pestle by Cilio! Can withstand high oven temperatures..
19.70€ 12.95€
Apple cutter with high-quality stainless steel blade.  Can easily and safely cut a fruit into 8..
"Tomate", the silicon cover, a smart proposal by Lurch, protects your dishes from annoying..
19.40€ 12.60€
‘Ananas’, the silicon cover, a smart proposal by Lurch, protects your dishes from annoyi..
15.40€ 9.99€
Retraction bin with sucker in the shape of cone that allows water to drain. The perfect cooking assi..
The MATRIX bread board keeps crumbs under control! They fall through the removable decorative grid a..
33.90€ 27.12€
Practical caddy contains 4 compartments for flatware, napkins or condiments.This cutlery CA..